Hangend Vlak

Hangend Vlak 43

Immediately in front of the entrance to the Poelzig building on the Campus Westend in Frankfurt, the almost eight-metre-high concrete sculpture “Hangend Vlak” (Suspended Surface) by Ruud Kuijer makes a powerful impression. Like Kuijer’s smaller works in concrete, this also was cast in one piece. Despite its size and immense weight of 13 tons, the work conveys an impression of dynamic energy and playful lightness. A variety of pillars, blocks and slabs seem to stand or sit on each other in a precarious balance, to lean on each other or, as suggested by the title, to hang in defiance of gravity. The loose arrangement of formal components in this sculpture contrasts, in its exhibition location, with the strict geometry of the university building. At the same time, the sculpture’s light grey concrete enters into a dialogue with the yellow-brown natural stone of the building’s façade. Three further characteristic works by Ruud Kuijer are installed in the campus grounds behind the Poelzig building. As in Bad Vilbel and Eschborn, here, also, the larger than life-sized sculptures, entitled “Kolomskulptuur IV”, “Staffetta III” and “Vensterskulptuur I” have been placed together to form a richly contrasting group.

Artist Ruud Kuijer
Typereinforced concrete
Dimensions790 x 260 x 350 cm
Shown atBlickachsen 12, Frankfurt