Main Supporters

Deutsche LeasingDeutsche Leasing AG

We not only help small and medium-sized businesses implement their investment ideas worldwide – we also care about the creative ideas of artists. For this reason, we have since 2007 been committed to the Blickachsen festival of sculpture in Bad Homburg v.d.Höhe, the seat of our head office. The exhibition focusses the visual sight lines (the ‘Blickachsen’) of its visitors and facilitates new dialogues. An enriching experience to which we are delighted to make our contribution.
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Freunde der Blickachsen

Friends of Blickachsen


“The Blickachsen Sculpture Biennale is an important element in the cultural life of the Rhine-Main area and has gained in significance far beyond the borders of the region – and indeed of Europe. As art enthusiasts committed to the common good, we very much look forward this year to the twelfth edition of Blickachsen and are delighted to be able to contribute to its financial support.”
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KPMGKPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

“New perspectives are best obtained by changing the angle from which we view things. At KPMG just as in art. Blickachsen sharpens our awareness of this. We are proud to have for many years sponsored this inspiring exhibition.”
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Holger Kneisel, Regional Board Member, KPMG, Frankfurt am Main

Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMainKulturfonds

“Are art and nature opposites? To this question, of how art and nature can be brought together in the public space, the Blickachsen sculpture exhibition gives a concrete and powerful answer. At the same time, the exhibition locations weave a taut net, leading visitors to what are different, for some perhaps hitherto unknown parts of our beautiful region. To all visitors I wish a highly enjoyable encounter with the outstanding sculptures by international artists – and many interesting new insights into our region.”
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Dr. Helmut Müller, Director of the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain

Stefan QuandtStefan Quandt

“Blickachsen is a high point in the cultural calendar of the Rhine-Main region. With its mix of the most varied artistic positions and its delight in offering fresh perspectives, Blickachsen stands emblematically for the potential and creativity of this whole region. As a citizen of Bad Homburg, and as an entrepreneur, I am especially proud that the historical park landscapes of Bad Homburg have for over 20 years formed the starting point and anchor for this thriving exhibition format, transforming the city every two years into an adventurous ‘space laboratory’. Meanwhile, art lovers from all over the world now come to our region to be inspired by this very special sculpture show.”

Stefan Quandt, Blickachsen supporter and
Chairman of the Blickachsen Foundation Board of Trustees


“UBS has for many years been a sponsor of contemporary art. In this, we have always sought to support regional projects in particular. With this in mind, I am very happy about our partnership with Blickachsen.”
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Thomas Rodermann, spokesman for the Board of UBS Europe SE

Further Supporters

Arnold AG
Commerzbank AG
DIC Asset AG
François-Blanc-Spielbank GmbH
Frankfurter Volksbank eG
KanAm Grund Group
Willy A. Löw AG
Stiftung Historischer Kurpark Bad Homburg v.d.Höhe