Venstersculptuur II

Venstersculptuur II 37

Ruud Kuijer made his name internationally with his ambitious large-scale project “Waterwerken” (Waterworks), installed on the Amsterdam-Rhine canal near Utrecht, as well as with his monumental outdoor works in Melbourne and Panama City. In Blickachsen 12, he is showing altogether ten of his unmistakeable works in Bad Vilbel, Eschborn and Frankfurt. His sculptures are abstract spatial compositions in reinforced concrete: geometrical, linear and flat, sometimes even massive-seeming structural elements are combined into apparently unstable spatial arrangements. Playfully, Kuijer often also incorporates recognizable objects when he constructs his casting moulds from form elements taken from found or fragmented everyday items. As his working material, he uses an exceptionally thin concrete specially developed for him, which in the casting process can flow freely from one part of the mould to the other, and whose surface structure precisely reproduces that of his model. In Bad Vilbel, the rather compact “Kolomskulptuur II” (Column Sculpture), the work “Staffetta I” (Relay Race) with its seemingly precariously balanced elements and the open “Vensterskulptuur V” (Window Sculpture), give an insight into the range of expressive forms in the work of Ruud Kuijer.

Artist Ruud Kuijer
Typereinforced concrete
Dimensions282 x 159 x 160 cm
Shown atBlickachsen 12, Bad Vilbel
Bad Vilbel