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The sculptural articulation of space lies at the heart of Ruud Kuijer’s work. Kuijer, who also taught at the Academy of Arts in Berlin, explores the plastic qualities of different formal elements, experimenting with weight and statics, equilibrium and gravity, movement and counter movement. In the process, he developed a distinct language of sculptural forms, and through his choice of material, aligns himself historically with the use of concrete as architectural material since the 1920’s. In addition, he often selects a particular architectonic element as the starting point of his works. An example of this is his “Vensterskulptuur V”, on display in Eschborn in Blickachsen 12. Here also, displacements of movement, the shifting of weight and perspective are critical. Kuijer preserves the concrete appearance of all his works, and thus stresses their abstract character – even when he breaks this open again by playfully incorporating foreign objects, as in “Staffetta II” and in the untitled work on display in Eschborn. At each of the Blickachsen 12 locations showing Ruud Kuijer’s work, there is a group of his works representing the different characteristics of his formal canon, and revealing contrasts as much as similarities.

Artist Ruud Kuijer
Type reinforced concrete
Dimensions155 x 96 x 109 cm
Shown atBlickachsen 12, Eschborn