Flower 16

The works of the Japanese artist Masayuki Koorida captivate and enthrall through their simple and at the same time unusual forms. They remind one of molecules or amoeba – of the smallest particles or life-forms, infinitely enlarged. Chiselled out of black granite and polished to a high gloss, the shapes, with their perfect curves, and distributed as they are on the wide Kurpark meadow, create the impression that they would dissolve or shatter to the touch – even though their titles identify them clearly as ”Flowers” or ”Seed”. They seem fragile and yet stable in themselves, artificial and yet alive. Koorida describes sculptural creation as a process in which thoughts and inspiration, in their search for a universal language, are formed into a conception, a concrete picture. Through a concentrated creative transformation this ”original content of a sculpture” attains in his works a complex visible form that in turn stimulates the observer’s own imagination.

Typegranite, 2 parts
Dimensions81 x 190 x 198 cm and 75 x 190 x 198 cm
Shown atBlickachsen 7, Bad Homburg