Core 81

Internationally known for his remarkable abstract stone sculptures, Masayuki Koorida studied in Japan and later lived in The Netherlands and Taiwan. Since 2006 he has lived and worked in Shanghai. In “Blickachsen 9”, Koorida presents two highly contrasting facets of his work: on the one hand, three of his characteristic marble and granite sculptures, with their perfect curves and high gloss polish, are on display in the Bad Homburg Kurpark. On the other, an installation of eight – in their outward form very different – works can be seen in one of the two “Blickachsen” locations on the Limes in the Taunus. Placed between the preserved, almost two thousand year-old foundation walls of the Roman fortress of Feldberg, the works are entitled “Core” and “Correlation”. The surface of the individual granite boulders is unhewn, or only roughly worked. Only at the top of the sculptures is there a subtly curved and polished section: appearing either as a bulging protrusion or complementing it as a recess. Like the remains of a long lost time, like archaeological artefacts whose function is unknown, they insert themselves into their archaeological context, forming contrasting highlights with the straight lines of the fortress walls.

Dimensions102 x 120 x 90 cm
Shown atBlickachsen 9, Limes, Römerkastell Feldberg