Vertrouwen 27

The work of the Dutch artist Iris Le Rütte encompasses drawings, sculptures and poetry. In addition to small-format bronze figures she also creates monumental open-space sculptures. Though Iris Le Rütte often portrays animals in her works, the human figure is her central motif. For her, literature, and especially poetry, are important sources of inspiration. In “Blickachsen 8”, three of her works are on display in the Schlosspark. The figure “Daphne” has its source in the ancient myth, in which the eponymous nymph, fleeing from Apollo, is transformed into a laurel tree. Combining different materials, and abstract with organic forms, Iris Le Rütte creates juxtapositions and surprising connections. Her “Hazentafel” seems to spring from a world of fantasy and dreams: a circular plate connecting three hares seems to turn into a floating table-top, which the hares are engaged in propping up and jumping off from. A playful, light balance is here created. Iris Le Rütte attaches great importance to the titles of her works. Thus the sculpture “Vertrouwen” (Trust) is transformed through its title into a poetic picture-puzzle.

TypeBronzeguss, Ex. 3/4
Dimensions59 x 217 x 62 cm
Shown atBlickachsen 8, Bad Homburg