Nikolaus Koliusis

(Austria) *1953 in Salzburg

Nikolaus Koliusis studied photography and also worked as a photographer for an architecture firm during the 1970s. This resulted in the importance of site specificity in his work, something still crucial to him today. These interventions, which use glass, plastic, or mirrors, immediately affect the space in which the artist places them. The limits, a sense of inside and outside are transformed by these art works. Koliusis expands and transcends above and below, within and without, thus creating a new mental space. The work exhibited in Bad Homburg’s Kurpark also breaks with our expectations of sculpture. The ground on which the beholder stands, the expanse of the garden, and the sky above are all part of Koliusis’ work. The extremely fragile sheets of stainless steel strewn across the meadow seem like gigantic mirrors. Almost as if incidentally scattered about, they lie there, and in their sudden reversal of up and down can cause the beholder to falter.


Blickachsen 5