Rubato 29

In her sculptural work, Sonja Vordermaier often lets herself be led by the materials and their properties. Made out of ultrafine insulating foam, for example, or magnetized metal cuttings, lead crystal or discarded lamp posts, her installations create moments of productive irritation. At the same time, she frequently addresses site-related social or political issues. For Blickachsen 13, she developed the installation “Rubato”, whose title plays on both the musical instruction (to play asynchronously) and the Italian word for “robbed”. An object draped in camouflage material hangs like an alien body in a group of trees in the Kurpark. Reading the QR code imprinted on its underside with a mobile phone opens in the browser a three-dimensional scan of a crested giant clam, which seems superimposed onto the real object at the location. The curious seashell with its bird of prey’s foot and Prussian imperial eagle comes from Kaiser Wilhelm II’s study in the Bad Homburg castle – trophy looted from the sea of former German colonies, brought to life in the present as a 3D scan, and turned upside down.
Sonja Vordermaier studied fine art in Hamburg and her large-format installations have been widely exhibited internationally.

Typemixed media (textile material, wood, paint, webbing, shackles), Augmented Reality (a smartphone is required to access the augmented reality)
Dimensionsca. 350 x 280 x 170 cm
Shown atBlickachsen 13, Bad Homburg
Bad Homburg

Works by Sonja Vordermaier

Blickachsen 13