Will Nash

(UK) *1973 in Bangor, Wales

The British artist Will Nash, who studied both multimedia fine art and design, concerns himself with the representation of mathematical structures and their relation to each other. In each of his series of sculptural works, he connects specific geometrical forms and patterns in different variations. His work “Atomic Fever”, created for “Blickachsen 11”, consists of thin stainless steel tubes formed into a filigree linear network, which is suspended in the silver poplar specially chosen for it in the Bad Homburg Kurpark. The work, whose geometry mirrors in a hugely magnified form the structure of the carbon atom in a diamond, is integrated into the branch structure of the tree by means of a specially developed push-fit system. The construction is so light that it does not have to be directly attached to the tree. Rather, it wafts, shimmering among the swaying branches and silver leaves, and forming a tense counterpoint to them with its bright tubing. While on the one hand this geometrical construct contrasts with the organically grown form of the tree, on the other it seems almost like a proliferating growth, tightly intertwined with the poplar.


Blickachsen 11