Prize Winners
Blickachsen 4 (2003) – Blickachsen 12 (2019)

Every two years, since the fourth edition of Blickachsen in 2003, the distinctive artistic approach of one of the exhibition’s younger participants has been honoured with a prize. Since 2015 the prize, now worth 5,000 Euros, has been endowed by the Friends of Blickachsen. The jury is made up of Peter Murray (Director of Yorkshire Sculpture Park) as a permanent external member, together with Christian K. Scheffel (founder and curator of Blickachsen and director of the Blickachsen Foundation) as well as the co-curators on the part of the partner museums of the respective exhibitions. 

Friends of Blickachsen Art Prize

Blickachsen 12 (2019)

Katarina Löfström, *1970 in Falun, Sweden

Blickachsen 11 (2017)

Alicja Kwade, *1979 in Katowice, Poland

Blickachsen 10 (2015)

Gerard Herman, *1989 in Ghent, Belgium

Bad Homburg-Schloss Rotary Club Best Young Artist Award

Blickachsen 9 (2013)

Camille Henrot, *1978 in Paris, France

Blickachsen 8 (2011)

Vincent Olinet, *1981 in Lyon, France

Blickachsen 7 (2009)

Vanessa Paschakarnis, *1970 in Werneck, Germany

Blickachsen 6 (2007)

May Cornet, *1975 in London, UK

Blickachsen 5 (2005)

SEO, *1977 in Kwang-Ju, South Korea

Blickachsen 4 (2003)

Nicola Möser, *1977 in Darmstadt, Germany