Prize Winners

Blickachsen 4 (2003) – Blickachsen 13 (2023)

Every two years, since the fourth edition of Blickachsen in 2003, the distinctive artistic approach of one of the exhibition’s younger participants has been honoured with a prize. Since 2015 the prize, now worth 5,000 Euros, has been endowed by the Friends of Blickachsen. The jury is made up of Sir Peter Murray CBE (founding director emeritus of Yorkshire Sculpture Park) as a permanent external member, together with Christian K. Scheffel (founder and curator of Blickachsen and director of the Blickachsen Foundation) as well as a member of the "Friends of Blickachsen" or the co-curators on the part of the partner museums of the respective exhibitions. 

Friends of Blickachsen Art Prize

Blickachsen 13 (2023)

Michael Dekker,*1983 in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany

Blickachsen 12 (2019)

Katarina Löfström, *1970 in Falun, Sweden

Blickachsen 11 (2017)

Alicja Kwade, *1979 in Katowice, Poland

Blickachsen 10 (2015)

Gerard Herman, *1989 in Ghent, Belgium

Bad Homburg-Schloss Rotary Club Best Young Artist Award

Blickachsen 9 (2013)

Camille Henrot, *1978 in Paris, France

Blickachsen 8 (2011)

Vincent Olinet, *1981 in Lyon, France

Blickachsen 7 (2009)

Vanessa Paschakarnis, *1970 in Werneck, Germany

Blickachsen 6 (2007)

May Cornet, *1975 in London, UK

Blickachsen 5 (2005)

SEO, *1977 in Kwang-Ju, South Korea

Blickachsen 4 (2003)

Nicola Möser, *1977 in Darmstadt, Germany