Organizers of the Blickachsen Biennale

Stiftung Blickachsen gGmbH Stiftung Blickachsen gGmbH
(Blickachsen Foundation)

From its beginnings in the Bad Homburg Kurpark in 1997, the Blickachsen biennial exhibition of sculpture has continuously developed into one of the leading recurring art events in the country. > read more

Magistrat der Stadt Bad Homburg v.d.Höhe
(Municipal authorities of the City of Bad Homburg)

“Once again Blickachsen 13 brings art to the people. That is the great achievement of Blickachen’s founder, Christian Scheffel. ‘His’ Biennale is a museum without fences, in which grown nature and modern art harmonize together. As the biggest sculpture biennale in Germany, Blickachsen ranks as one of the magnets among exhibitions held in the Rhine-Main region. That Bad Homburg should be both its core and the place where it all began makes us very proud.” > read more

Kur- und Kongreß-GmbH

“I am delighted that, after the pause forced by the pandemic, this exceptional exhibition can once again be held in the Bad Homburg Kurpark. With its 47 hectares, the Kurpark in Bad Homburg is one of the largest and most beautiful spa garden landscapes in Germany. The park, which is a protected historical site, will once again through the placing in it of large-format sculptures become an additional centre of attraction for visitors, opening a very special perspective on the Sculpture Biennale. The green natural landscape underlines the artistic expression of the works and inspires a highly personal engagement with the works. In making the park available we, as co-organizers, are pleased to have provided an impressive framework for the exhibition.” > read more

Holger Reuter, Spa Director

State Palaces and Gardens of Hesse

"During Blickachsen, contemporary sculptures enter into a dialogue with the established garden art of our Bad Homburg Palace Park. Here, visitors can experience the inspiring tension between historical periods of park design and the ideas of artists today. This offers space for individual interpretation and a stimulating exchange. Following the Corona pause, I am delighted that the State Palaces and Gardens of Hesse can once again play host to an exhibition of carefully selected artistic pieces." > read more

Kirsten Worms, Director

in co-operation with

a different partner museum for each Blickachsen exhibition

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under the Patronage of

Blickachsen 13 (2023)

Boris Rhein, Minister-President of Hesse

Blickachsen 8 (2011) – Blickachsen 12 (2019)

Volker Bouffier, Minister-President of Hesse (2010-2022)

Blickachsen 4 (2003) – Blickachsen 7 (2009)

Roland Koch, Minister-President of Hesse (1999-2010)

Blickachsen 8 RheinMain
Sculpture in Bad Hamburg and Frankfurt RheinMain

Blickachsen 7 RheinMain
Timm Ulrichs, Tanzende Bäume (Dancing Trees)

commissioned by the

Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain
Blickachsen 8 RheinMain
Blickachsen 7 RheinMain