Sarah Staton

(U.K.) *1961 in London

The name Sarah Staton is closely bound up with the unique success of the “YBAs” (Young British Artists). Staton’s art is not devoted to a single discipline: painting and sculpture merge, industrial items alternate with “real handicrafts”. Staton has for some time now concernedherself with the allotment garden hut, a symbol of domestic bliss and icon of a pleasant private garden. At “Blickachsen 6” she presents an industrially made wooden “Schrebergartenhäuschen”, but one that has undergone several changes. It cannot be entered in the normal way, but visitors may and are expected to (!) clamber in through the openings she has sawn out in the walls. Once inside, the park outside viewed through the eccentrically shaped window openings seems to have been framed to form individual landscape paintings. At the same time, visitors will hear sounds from outside, if dampened. Hidden away safely in the “Schrebergartenhäuschen”, it is as if you sit in a dream world, reminiscent both of “Alice in Wonderland” and, quite profanely, of the toy world in Ikea.