Lieven Segers

(Belgium) *1975 in Geel

“One day I painted myself totally black with a permanent marker. I wanted to go into the city but something told me not to. One day I will locate this something and I will kill it with my bare hands.” This inscription on Lieven Segers’ sculpture “Something” humorously references the personal and society-dependent inhibitions that govern our behaviour in the public space, and which are prompted by the need for safety or respect, as well as by political considerations, insecurity, shyness or modesty. Segers is concerned with the question of whether art can and should strive to overcome these self-imposed restrictions. With this question, the work of Lieven Segers – also co-curator of the exhibition – provides a conceptual framework for all the sculptures exhibited in Bad Homburg as part of “Blickachsen 10”. Humour is an important element in Segers’ oeuvre and serves as a vehicle for the translation of his own thoughts and experiences into art. Segers also considers a humoristic element almost indispensable if an artwork is to speak to him. The combination of comedy and tragedy is the constant running through his multi-faceted oeuvre.


Blickachsen 10