Blickachsen 13 to be postponed because of COVID-19 pandemic

In view of the unforseeable development of the pandemic, and the restrictions affecting the intensive preparations for the exhibition over the coming months, the thirteenth edition of the Blickachsen Sculpture Biennale will not take place in 2021 as planned. After careful consideration, this has unanimously been decided by the Board of the Blickachsen Foundation.

Alongside the quality and judicious positioning of the artworks on display, the success of the Blickachsen exhibition format rests not least on its international character and close co-operation with many partners and artists from around the world. In view of the dynamic spread of COVID-19 and the mounting travel warnings and quarantine restrictions, the successful preparation for and presentation of Blickachsen 13 in 2021 does not seem realistic.

On the one hand, the current restrictions severely limit the opportunities for a personal exchange between all involved and will prevent artists from visiting the exhibition locations, as the basis for their artistic interventions. At the same time, these restrictions create considerable uncertaintyin planning the transportation of the works and the setting up of the entire exhibition, which require the close co-operation of many hands. And finally, it cannot be excluded that continuing national and international restrictions on travel in 2021 will lead to a level of visitor attendance out of all proportion to the personal and financial investment made by the artists, organizers and sponsors.

“We have not taken the decision to cancel Blickachsen for next year lightly”, says Stefan Quandt, chairman of the Blickachsen Foundation Board of Trustees. “Especially in these uncertain times when the prospect of an extensive exhibition in the open air must have seemed particularly appealing for many Blickachsen fans. However, in the present situation, we see no alternative but to postpone the exhibition.”

This decision has also been supported by those responsible at the co-organizers of Blickachsen: by the mayor of Bad Homburg, Alexander W. Hetjes, Spa director Holger Reuter, and the director of the Public Stately Homes Administration in Hessen, Kirsten Worms.

“Together, we are now looking ahead and counting on sufficient planning certainty in the coming year to enable us to arrange the next exhibition, while maintaining our high standard, in 2022”, says Christian K. Scheffel, founder and curator of the Sculpture Biennale, and director of the Blickachsen Foundation. “I am confident that we will then be able to follow up on the enormous public success of Blickachsen 12, and once again be able to invite visitors to a rich experience of art.”

PDF of Press Release, November 2020


The exhibition catalogue  Blickachsen 12 can be ordered > here or at the Blickachsen Foundation under phone +49 - (0)6172 - 681 19 46.

Blickachsen 12 closed on
6 October 2019. We thank all visitors and all who contributed and look forward to
Blickachsen 13.

Katarina Löfström was awarded the Friends of Blickachsen Art Prize 2019 for her site-specific installation "Open Source (16:9)".

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