Blickachsen Foundation

(Stiftung Blickachsen gGmbH)

Every two years since 1997, the Blickachsen exhibitions focus attention on an interplay between contemporary art, nature and the public space. Each time, the aim is to show works by both talented young artists as well as by renowned sculptors. And the collaboration, each time, with a different co-curating partner museum guarantees ever new impulses.

At the beginning, there was a single exhibition in the Bad Homburg Kurpark, with its concept of physically – and figuratively – taking up the landscaped sight lines (Blickachsen) of the park’s garden architecture. This basic idea has successfully proved itself over the last twenty years: Blickachsen has in the meantime expanded into much of the Rhine-Main region and now ranks as one of the leading exhibitions of modern and contemporary sculpture in Germany.

The public benefit Blickachsen Foundation, with its seat in Bad Homburg, was established in March 2013 to oversee the Blickachsen Sculpture Biennale, which it organizes together with the municipality of Bad Homburg, the Kur- und Kongreß-GmbH and the Administration of Public Stately Homes and Gardens in Hessen.

The foundation’s aim is to secure the long-term future of the Biennale, and to provide access to contemporary sculpture and art installations to an ever-growing audience in the public space. At the same time, the foundation seeks to promote the evolving cultural attraction of the city of Bad Homburg and the further Rhine-Main region, and to establish the region over time as an international centre for contemporary sculpture.

In offering, every two years, a platform for exhibiting the work of both young and established artists from around the world, the foundation seeks both to promote emerging artistic talent, and to heighten popular interest in and appreciation of the most varied currents in three-dimensional art.

A lively encounter with contemporary sculpture is stimulated by the diverse range of Blickachsen tours and workshops for children, young people and adults. In addition, the foundation sees itself as a mediator and point of intersection between cultural and educational institutions, supporting the dialogue between artists and museums, as well as between art and scholarship.


Founder and curator of Blickachsen,
Director of the Blickachsen Foundation:
Christian K. Scheffel

Blickachsen Foundation Board of Trustees:
Stefan Quandt, Chairman
Dr. Beate Schuler, Vice Chairman
Hans-Joachim Kleinert
Dr. Karsten Müller-Eising
Thomas Rodermann

Stiftung Blickachsen