Children's Groups & School Classes

Tours for pre-school and school classes and for other groups of children and young people, for example to celebrate a children’s birthday, can be booked for the period 27 May – 6 October 2019.

The programme of different round tours and interactive tours for a variety of age groups can be found below on this page.
When booking, please name the particular format you have chosen.

Bookings can be made through the Blickachsen Foundation at:
(or by telephone on: +49 – (0) 61 72 – 6 81 19 46)

Unlike in a museum, in the parks children and young people have almost unlimited space. In relaxed surroundings they will be provided an access to contemporary art.

Meeting point: on the Schmuckplatz in the Bad Homburg Kurpark, in front of the Kaiserin Friedrich monument (opposite Kaiser-Friedrich-Promenade 55, 61348 Bad Homburg).

The fee for groups of up to 30 children + accompanying adults is 140 Euros for a 90-minute tour.

The reduced fee for pre-school groups, school classes, day care centres or similar is 110 Euros for 90 minutes.

Tours can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start time.
After this a cancellation fee of 30 Euros is payable.

For groups not ready to start on time the duration of the tour will be correspondingly shortened. In the event that the tour guide can stay longer, the time booked may be extended against a fee of 40 Euros per half hour.

Programme of tour formats according to age

General Round Tour

In the relaxed surroundings of the park, the children and young people  will have the opportunity to gain informed access to contemporary works of art. The tours will be held mainly in the form of dialogues, and participants will be encouraged to share their own perceptions. They will also be able to experience the works in a physical way: for sculptures ask to be circled around, viewed from all sides, and even touched. Some can even be smelled! All the senses are thus spoken to. Works of steel and iron get extremely hot in the summer sun, wood gives off an odour; other sculptures can only be experienced spatially: one must walk through them, or get inside them.

Subjective perception, personal interpretation and imaginative story-telling are, alongside the art-historical context, important elements in the appreciation of the artistic truth of a work. What effect do the works have on the observer? Where does this impression come from? Is the work coherent? What does it convey? Is it expressive, or cloaked in a suspenseful silence? Does it make its point mysteriously, like a puzzle, or solidly and clearly?

Interactive Tours

Story time

Children from 4 – 8 years old
Duration: 90 minutes

Whether Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Puss in Boots, Rapunzel, or The Town Musicians of Bremen: everyone knows and loves them. In this tour we will follow the trail of new stories, we will let ourselves be inspired by the sculptures and take ourselves into a personal world of dreams.

Seeing, tasting, hearing

Pre- and primary schools
Duration: 90 minutes

What does iron feel like, compared with wood? What is pleasant to the touch, and what is unpleasant? What sounds can I produce with this material? How is a sculpture made? This tour will playfully lead children to use all their senses in an appreciation of art.

Techniques of drawing: a line, a squint, and a play of shadows

Primary school and secondary level 1
(Years 1 – 10)
Duration: 90 minutes
Materials: Please bring a writing pad and pen for each child!

An entire sculpture can be conveyed with just one line!Not looking closelyis precisely the key to an exciting way of drawing – with just a few tricks we will try to capture the beautiful play of shadows in the park. Drawing different sketches will enable us to understand the works of art on a very different level from that of mere observation.

If I were the artist...

Secondary level 1
(Years 5 – 10)
Duration: 90 minutes

Your opinion is required!A role play: you are the artist. Why did you use that material? How did you arrive at those forms? Why those colours? In small groups, everybody will be allocated one sculpture. Together, you will step into the shoes of the artist and think about the concept/idea behind the work.

What do I feel? Emotions and the sense of touch

Secondary level 1
(Years 5 – 10)
Duration: 90 minutes

What difference does the working material make? What feels pleasant and what is unpleasant to the touch? How is a sculpture made?
But art is not only experienced through the senses, it also triggers emotions. In this tour we will not only discuss what materials a work is made of – we will also ask the question, what emotions does the work produce, and how does this happen?

Me/the work/and I – a role play

Secondary level 1
(Years 5 – 10)
Duration: 90 minutes

On a brief tour, the children and young people will be presented with a selection of works in the Kurpark. Afterwards, the participants will be split into small groups and each group will be allocated a sculpture.
This confrontation with the works will lead to one or more of the participants in the group to take on the role of the work and talk about him or herself from its perspective??
Will the others guess which work it is?

Talk to me – dialogue with an art work

Secondary levels 1 and 2
(Years 5 – 13)
Duration: 90 minutes

Love, friendship and conflict – interpersonal relationships shape our lives. On a tour through the park the students will interact with the works. Alone or in small groups, a spontaneous staged play should ensue.

Who, how, what? How come, for what reason, why?

Secondary level 2
(Years 11 – 13)
Duration: 90 minutes

To be heard strengthens our self-awareness, and through language we develop our own identity. In thinking and speaking about art, we become aware of our own thoughts and those of others. On a tour through the park, the students will work with analysis and interpretation, and practice speaking, listening and discussion.