In common with his paper and mixed-media works, Ricardo Calero’s sculpture encompasses a
quiet poetry. In his three-dimensional work he uses materials such as wood, bronze, handmade
paper or glass, combining them on occasion with lightweight iron constructions. His sculptural
installations are designed as meeting places, in which text plays a major role in giving clues to
the multiple layers of invested meaning. Calero’s interest in the interaction between object,
observer and surroundings was already apparent in earlier “Blickachsen” exhibitions. For
“Blickachsen 9” he has now designed a work entitled “Tú”, consisting of an ordinary chair, cast
in bronze, and a two-part metal construction forming the Spanish word “Tú” (You) in oversized
letters. Despite their size, the letters are made to seem light and diaphanous by the delicate
structure of the lattice work. And yet freshly planted tendrils will entwine themselves on the
lattice, progressively integrating the letters with their natural surroundings. The “You” is both a
counterpart and a mirror. Calero invites the observer, to a quiet inner dialogue and self-reflection
– and at the same time manages to create an extraordinarily subtle thematisation of desire.

Typeiron, bronze, plant, 3 elements
Dimensionsheight: 300 cm x variable dimensions
Shown atBlickachsen 9, Bad Homburg

Works by Ricardo Calero

Blickachsen 9

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