Not God but I will help you

Not God but I will help you 36

The work of the Dutch sculptor Henk Visch is distinguished by a striking variety of forms and
materials. There is no continuous development in his output, no unifying style. Rather, his
works are the expression of a constant search for an effective realisation of his visual ideas. In
the process, Visch commits himself to a principle of openness, which he also demands of the
observer: his works refuse straightforward interpretation, they are to be understood as “proposals
for a limitless space for thought”. In “Blickachsen 8” two works by Henk Visch were to be
seen in Bad Homburg. This year he is represented by the large-scale sculpture “Not God but I
will help you”, created in 2011. This work shows a seated figure with red eyeballs. The colour of
the left eye runs – like a tear – down the cheek. The figure’s melancholy glance seems to be
directed inwards, and the formal tension of the outstretched and cocked leg, the upright upper
body and the bent down head conveys the impression of a search for an inner and outer equilibrium.
It is the very play of introversion and massive bodily presence that stimulates associations
in the observer.

Artist Henk Visch
Typecast bronze
Dimensions360 x 430 x 140 cm
Shown atBlickachsen 9, Bad Homburg