Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain

Over the last years Blickachsen has undergone a remarkable development, and this twelfth edition once again stands comparison with the best. Sculptures in the public space are no rarity; however the counterpoints illustrated by Blickachsen in setting art against nature remain exceptional, and in no small measure contribute to the national and international profile of the Rhine-Main region. The task of the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain is precisely to highlight this profile, and this is something we can accomplish in a very special way by supporting Blickachsen. Artists are well aware of the prominence of the Blickachsen project and are happy to exhibit their work as part of it. And the partner museums – this year, the Wanås Konst Sculpture Park in Sweden – create a focus on a different country each time, enabling us this year to look forward to an insight into the Scandinavian art scene.

Sixty works by 31 artists – from less well known artists to the greatest names in sculpture – now await both Blickachsen fans as well as more casual observers who just happen to be passing by. And this, also, is part of the exhibition’s charm. It pulls those who are just out for a stroll out of their everyday lives, and takes them on an intellectual journey prompted by the sculptures. 

The Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain also has the task of interconnecting the region as a network. Through the support of the Kulturfonds, Blickachsen 12 is able to incorporate five additional exhibition locations as part of this network. In Bad Vilbel, Eschborn, Frankfurt, Kronberg and Eberbach Monastery, art works of the highest quality can be seen, inviting visitors to throw a fresh eye onto the surrounding landscape and cultural monuments.

We are confident that through contemporary art, Blickachsen will once again succeed in placing a national – and international – spotlight onto Bad Homburg and the whole Rhine-Main region.

I wish Blickachsen 12 every success in attracting countless visitors, now and in the future!

Helmut G. Müller
Managing Director
Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain