Deutsche Leasing AG

Investing in success.

We not only help small and medium-sized businesses implement their investment ideas worldwide. We also care about the creative ideas of artists. For this reason, we are committed to the ‘Blickachsen’ sculpture festival in Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe, the seat of our head office. The exhibition focusses the visual sight lines (the ‘Blickachsen’) of its visitors, and facilitates new dialogues. An enriching experience to which we are delighted to make our contribution.

Deutsche Leasing Group is the leading solution-oriented asset finance partner for small and medium-sized businesses in Germany, offering a wide spectrum of investment-related asset finance solutions and ancillary asset services. Within the Sparkassen finance group Deutsche Leasing is the centre of competence for leasing and factoring as well as for other asset finance solutions and ancillary services for small and medium-sized businesses in Germany and abroad.

The spectrum of services offered by Deutsche Leasing Group stretches from financing solutions for machinery, vehicles, IT and property, through to international investments and specific solutions (for example in transport and logistics, energy, health services) as well as factoring and reveivables management. Additional services – for example insurance or fleet management – complete the spectrum.

Deutsche Leasing’s asset and financing experts directly advise their clients and business partners locally. Its network of offices in Germany guarantees a nationwide presence. In each case, advice and products are individually tailored to the specific investment goals.

Deutsche Leasing has since 1993 supported its German clients in the most important export markets in Europe, in China, Russia and the US as well as Canada and Brazil. In all, Deutsche Leasing is present in 22 countries, in addition to Germany. German enterprises – mostly internationally active manufacturers of machine goods – on the one hand use leasing as an important instrument in merchandising their own products. On the other, Deutsche Leasing supports German enterprises in direct investments abroad. In addition, Deutsche Leasing Group is a member of S-CountryDesk, the global network of the Sparkassen finance group, and of the global Factors Chain International (FCI) network. 

For over 50 years Deutsche Leasing has facilitated the investment activities of their small and medium-sized clients in industry, trade, services and the public sector. In doing so, its currently more than 2,500 employees take a highly integrated approach in their advice, based on an extensive knowledge of the sectors and business models of their clients. The company’s headquarters is in Bad Homburg v.d. Höhe.