Pas encore mon histoire

Pas encore mon histoire 18

Vincent Olinet’s works range over sculpture, design and installation art, photography and drawing. With his exuberant imagination he transforms the most varied of materials and everyday objects into other-worldly artefacts, reviving images from the world of classical fairy tales and cartoons, yet constantly invoking aspects of disillusion and transience. His work “Pas encore mon histoire”, created for “Blickachsen 8”, consists of a lavishly decorated and elaborately equipped four-poster bed. It floats on the Schlosspark pond and through its opulence and romantic connotations transforms this part of the park into a setting for a magical fairy-tale world. Though it is here out of reach, the four-poster, a symbol for a closed-off, private sphere, can be looked into by everybody, and thematizes the relationship of private and public spaces. Exposed to the wind and weather, it becomes a symbol of change and transience. Its title leaves open whether it is here a question of the beginning or the end of a story – in this it is typical of the openness of Olinet’s art, which makes no assertions, but only offers suggestions.

TypeHolz, Textil, Quasten, Kissen, Plastikkanister
Dimensions300 x 300 x 280 cm
Shown atBlickachsen 8, Bad Homburg

Works by Vincent Olinet