Bigger Bite

Bigger Bite 14

Nigel Hall is one of the best-known contemporary sculptors in Britain. In his abstract, geometric sculptures – mainly in steel or polished wood – Hall concerns himself with the properties of spatial construction and the observer's perception of space. In this, the internal air space, the spatial surroundings of the sculpture and the working of light and shade play as great a role as the volume of the worked material itself. Works by Nigel Hall have already been seen in the third and fourth "Blickachsen" exhibitions, and in "Blickachsen 8" two monumental works are also to be seen in the Camp-Phönix-Park in Eschborn. His large-scale sculpture on display in Bad Homburg, "Bigger Bite", consists of a monumental cone ring and a smaller, open cone stump opening out in opposite directions, connected in a dialogical composition. The work gains its intensive effect and presence through the fall of light in the interplay of internal space and exterior surface. The slanting planes and angled edges concentrate and cut through the ambient light – and focus the eye of the observer.

Artist Nigel Hall
Typepatinierte Bronze, Ex. 1/3
Dimensions300 x 385 x 400 cm
Shown atBlickachsen 8, Bad Homburg

Works by Nigel Hall

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