Bård Breivik

(Norway) *1948 in Bergen; †2016 in Oslo

Bård Breivik is one of the most important contemporary Norwegian artists. In the 1970s, he opened Norwegian art to international influences. His works are marked by an outstanding craftsmanship and an intense concentration on the material. The monumental gateways shown as part of Blickachsen 5 are each hewn out of a single stone. The artist determines the overall form of the work and creates an opening, a space to look through. The stone is partially polished, but large parts of its surface are left in their natural state: chapped and raw, moss can grow on it, or in the winter snow can collect in the cracks and crevices, making the works seem like natural phenomena. The archaic form of the gateway triggers a rich chain of associations, and is reminiscent of Nordic mythological traditions.