Andreas Korte

(Germany) *1969 in Augsburg

The work of Andreas Korte moves in a field defined by art, architecture, and the new media. In so doing, he uses a wide spectrum of various means of expression: depending on his requirements and demands, he uses traditional disciplines like painting, sculpture, or the architectural model, at the same time critically engaging with urban life worlds. The strongly site-specific work Faites votre jeu, with its circularly arranged fence fragments, reminiscent of tennis court nets, refers on the one hand to the neighbouring tennis court. On the other hand, the title alludes to Bad Homburg’s casino. The ensemble of 37 fence elements can be read as an abstract roulette wheel: just as the ball in a game of roulette ultimately clicks into a pocket and comes to rest, the gaze of the beholder can come to rest, ultimately caught by one of the nets. My Apartment is reminiscent of a Baroque labyrinth, and is thus fitting for the surroundings. The form of this work, which also allows the visitor an overview from the inside, depicts the floor plan of Kortes apartment, thus creating a connection between private and public space.