Divini Vultus

Divini Vultus 20

“Lift up then, Reader, to the lofty wheels
With me thy vision straight unto that part
Where the one motion on the other strikes,
And there begin to contemplate with joy
'That Master's art, who in himself so loves it
That never doth his eye depart therefrom.
Behold how from that point goes branching off
The oblique circle, which conveys the planets,
To satisfy the world that calls upon them ...“

“Within the court of Heaven, whence I return,
Are many jewels found, so fair and precious
They cannot be transported from the realm;
And of them was the singing of those lights.
Who takes not wings that he may fly up thither,
The tidings thence may from the dumb await!“

Dante, The Divine Comedy, Paradise, Canto X, 7-15, 70-75
(translated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

Typesteel-sheets printed on both sides with acrylic paint
DimensionsDiameter 150 x 0,2 cm each
Shown atBlickachsen 3, Bad Homburg

Works by Marialuisa Tadei

Blickachsen 3