Übertragung Vol. 2

Übertragung Vol. 2 14

Michael Kienzer studied sculpture in Vienna under Bruno Gironcoli, who is also represented in “Blickachsen 11”. Kienzer’s works have been shown in international exhibitions since the 1980s and have received many awards. In his sculptural work he employs a variety of very different materials, such as metal, wood, foam rubber or glass, also combining these with painted elements. “Übertragung Vol. 2” (Transmission Vol. 2) is made of concrete and alumin- ium, and deals with the classical physical questions of sculpture: the relationship of load and support, the distribution of weight, expansion and stress, as well as spatial aspects of surface and line. In an open cube suggested by a frame of rods, hollow, industrially-made concrete blocks are placed together with curved aluminium pipes. While the concrete elements, stacked like a wall, delineate the borders of the sculptural space, the aluminium pipes extend beyond the set frame and are themselves at the limit of their material plasticity. This dynamic contrast is reflected, also, in the texture of the two materials: the smooth, cold, sleekness of the metal stands in opposition to the dead surface of the concrete.

Typealuminium, concrete
Dimensions274 x 300 x 425 cm
Shown atBlickachsen 11, Bad Homburg
Bad Homburg

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