Burgfrieden 45

Textiles, explored as spatial material, take on a central importance in the artist Raul Walch’s unconventional oeuvre. For the “Blickachsen 11” location at Eppstein Castle, Walch has designed a site-specific installation related to the building and its history that challenges our conventional perception. Shimmering flags with abstract geometric patterns flutter above the tower and walls of the castle. The material, moving in the wind, breaks open the uneven, monotone surfaces of the castle ruins, gives them colour and reflects the light. The glowing colours and metallically reflective surfaces of the installation are visible from far beyond the castle. The installation creates a direct connection to the meaning of flags as signs and as a non-verbal means of communication, and marks the castle as a place of retreat and refuge. In addition to its engagement with the location, time also plays a fundamental role in the work, for the colours in the flags will fade over the course of the exhibition. And in a further reference to the location, Walch has integrated examples of the local Eppstein foils into his work.

Artist Raul Walch
Typefabric, foil, cord, textile colour on linen
Dimensionsinstallation with variable dimensions
Shown atBlickachsen 11, Eppstein Castle
Eppstein Castle