Ricardo Calero

(Spain) * 1955 in Villanueva del Arzobispo

Ricardo Calero’s many-sided work has been internationally exhibited since the 1970s. His sculptural installations – as we have seen in previous “Blickachsen” exhibitions – are conceived as places of encounter and reflection. In these works, text plays as large a part as the exchange between object, observer and the surrounding space. In “Blickachsen 11”, Calero’s site-specific installation “Construcción de futuro” invites visitors to Bad Vilbel, which has this year been included in the Biennale for the first time, to a dialogue: the giant letters A and Z (for “Zukunft”, or future) connect the medieval castle ruin, the venue for the Bad Vilbel theatre festival, with the new city library building – thus linking the spoken word with the written, and the past with the future. Two texts inscribed on a plaque on the ground challenge visitors to “shape the future”, and the “spaces of the future” – “with words”. This idea is further elaborated in the second work by Calero: the open, two-wheeled carriage as a “Space for Thoughts” is as mobile as our own wandering play of thoughts and our dialogue with others. It thus invites us to let our own reflections, also, roam free.


Blickachsen 9

Blickachsen 3