Wo ein Rad ist ein Weg

Wo ein Rad ist ein Weg 17

Gerard Herman’s contribution to “Blickachsen 10” thematizes his own participation in the exhibition – and playfully and humorously confronts the art world with normality, life itself. On his grandfather’s bicycle, Herman set off from Antwerp on a journey of several days to Bad Homburg, with a wooden box containing a ‘garden sculpture’ on his rack. Arriving in Bad Homburg, he goes for a forbidden ride through the Kurpark, then finally chains his bike, together with the locked box, to a tree (near a sign prohibiting cycling) before entrusting the exhibition organizers with his record of the journey. Ironically perverting the saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”, Herman calls his multilayered project “Where there’s a bike, there’s a way”. He leaves his bike at the exhibition as a physical reminder of the unseen process of the journey, as the visible part of the project, and symbol for the story of the experienced – the brought ‘sculpture’ remaining hidden in its box as a conception. It is left to the observer to create the story that lies behind the bike, by projecting his own memories, stories and observations onto the old gentlemen’s bicycle in the park.

Typebicycle, wooden crate, garden sculpture,
Dimensionsphysical relocation as well as installation with variable dimensions
Shown atBlickachsen 10, Bad Homburg
Bad Homburg

Works by Gerard Herman