Music Power

Music Power 67

In addition to the two works presented in Bad Homburg, “Blickachsen 10” is showing a third sculpture by object artist Arman in Kronberg’s Victoriapark. In his famous “Accumulations”, “Colères” and “Coupes” series, Arman sought to integrate everyday reality into art, insofar as he elevated items of practical use – often musical instruments – into artistic materials which he piled up, arranged into a rhythmical order, sliced, splintered or scorched. The bronze “Music Power” on display in Kronberg is an almost 3-metre-high accumulation of twelve cellos, whose tops have been sliced down their fingerboard. Fascinated by the interior life of things, Arman dissected objects into which the viewer cannot normally see and then reassembled their fragments into new arrangements, thus lending the originals a new, artistic existence. Located in immediate proximity to the Kronberg Academy Festival concert venues, Arman’s bronze stands for the power of music for which it is named. Like the other sculptures exhibited in Kronberg, “Music Power” will be the inspiration for a musical composition to be premiered at a “Blickachsen” concert during the festival.

Artist Arman
Typecast bronze
Dimensions280 x 128 x 118 cm
Shown atBlickachsen 10, Kronberg im Taunus
Kronberg im Taunus