Deutsche Leasing AG

We not only help small and medium-sized businesses implement their investment ideas worldwide – we also care about the creative ideas of artists from all over the world. For this reason, we are committed to the Blickachsen sculpture festival in Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe, the seat of our head office. The exhibition sharpens the visual sight lines (the ‘Blickachsen’) of its visitors and facilitates new dialogues. An enriching change of perspective, to which we are delighted to make our contribution.

The Deutsche Leasing Group is the solution-oriented asset finance partner for the German SME sector. The company provides support for investment projects in Germany and other countries and offers a wide range of financing solutions (asset finance) and supplementary services (asset services) for current and non-current assets.

In particular, the company helps its customers to finance change and innovation when it comes to the key transformative issues of our time: in the areas of decarbonisation, digitalisation and forward-looking infrastructure.

As a central and international group partner, the Deutsche Leasing Group is Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe’s centre of excellence for leasing, factoring as well as other alternative forms of financing. The savings banks in Germany are thus able to meet their corporate and company customers’ individual needs and offer them rapid, simple digital solutions or advice tailored to their specific investment projects. 

The services provided by the Deutsche Leasing Group – including in its role as the leading manufacturer-independent leasing company in Germany – range from finance solutions for machinery and equipment, vehicles (commercial vehicles and local public transport as well as passenger cars), IT and communication equipment through to medical technology, real estate and large-scale movable assets (e.g. energy generation plants such as solar and wind farms, rail vehicles) and intangible goods. The company also offers factoring and debt management and other services such as insurance as well as fleet and construction management.

Deutsche Leasing’s financing and asset experts assist its customers and business partners with low-volume investments as well as financing for individual, complex major projects. In addition, Deutsche Leasing’s network of offices across Germany provides excellent local coverage. 

Since 1993, Deutsche Leasing has helped its German customers to access the key export markets in Europe as well as China, the USA, Canada and Brazil. All told, Deutsche Leasing has a presence in over 20 countries. Machinery and plant manufacturers which generally have an international presence use leasing, on the one hand, as an important tool for driving sales. On the other hand, Deutsche Leasing also helps German companies with direct investments abroad. The Deutsche Leasing Group is also a member of S-CountryDesk, Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe’s global network, as well as the worldwide network Factors Chain International (FCI).

For over 60 years, Deutsche Leasing has helped its small and medium-sized customers from industry, commerce, the service sector and the public sector with their investments.