Esther Stocker

(Italy) *1974 in Silandro

Starting out as a painter, Esther Stocker expanded her occupation with grid structures, rhythmic systems and geometrical patterns (in black and white), to wall painting, giant façade designs, extensive space installations or large-scale sculptures in the public space: “I am interested in transformation and the space of imagination. I am fascinated by the limits of our thinking and perception.” Her “Knitterskulpturen” (Crumpled Sculptures) series also combines this concern for perception with her lively interest in language, where objects seem like crumpled-up pages of text. Her ”Papierflieger” (Paper Plane), created in painted steel for Blickachsen 13, and playfully positioned above the “Goethes Ruh” (Goethe’s Rest) garden in the Schlosspark, is inscribed with a literary text and makes appropriate reference to its location: Goethe’s poem “Pilgers Morgenlied – An Lila” (Pilgrim’s morning song – to Lila), which extols passion and the birth of love with motifs from the bible and nature. Folded into a simple aeroplane, it is only legible in fragments, a poetic text between ornament and message.
Esther Stocker studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her works can be seen in international exhibitions as well as in art-in-architecture projects.


Blickachsen 13