Trashstone 689

Trashstone 689 16

Wilhelm Mundt is represented in Blickachsen 13 by two pieces from his noted work series, “Trashstones”. As the title suggests, these consist in essence of remnants that have accumulated in the artist’s studio. The starting point is the idea of converting the production leftovers into amorphous creations, to ‘pack’ them, and in this way dispose of them while at the same time creating something new. They are tightly bound to a form-giving core and covered in a plastic coating. The carefully worked, in part intensively sanded and polished surfaces of the works, play a large part in this: with its colour and shape, “Trashstone 745” blends in with its natural surroundings in the Kurpark, while the added aluminium skin of “Trashstone 689” mirrors its varied surroundings. Furthermore, in Blickachsen 13, Mundt makes playful reference to their location in the Bad Homburg Kurpark – site of the oldest golf course in Germany – by placing his sculptures in sand bunkers.
Following his studies at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, Wilhelm Mundt concentrated entirely on his open work series of consecutively numbered “Trashstones”, which have been on display in numerous art museums. Since 2009 he has taught sculpture as professor at the Dresden University of Fine Arts.

Typeproduction residues in GRP in aluminium, sand bunker
Dimensions101 x 200 x 111 cm
Shown atBlickachsen 13, Bad Homburg
Bad Homburg

Works by Wilhelm Mundt