Open Source (16:9)

Open Source (16:9) 21

In her videos, sculptures and installations, Katarina Löfström explores our perception of the world beyond words. Abstraction, light and movement are her central themes. Even from afar, her site-specific installation for Blickachsen 12, “Open Source (16:9)” shimmers like a giant screen between the trees on a little rise by the Kurpark pond – a work based on similar works by the artist in the Wanås Konst sculpture park and in the public spaces of a number of towns and cities in Sweden. In Bad Homburg, a net on which thousands of reflecting sequins hang, is stretched across an aluminium frame more than five metres wide, in what is nowadays the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. The sequins move in the wind, each one reflecting a small piece of the surroundings, but from a distance they seem like constantly changing pixels on the screen. Thus a painting consisting of light and movement is created – an endless, abstract film in which the movement of the wind and the changing colours of the surrounding nature can be seen. Löfström tells no story, delivers no message. Rather, her poetic installation offers space for a contemplative consideration and reflection.

Typealuminium frame, sequin panels
Dimensions518 x 305 x 5 cm
Shown atBlickachsen 12, Bad Homburg
Bad Homburg

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Blickachsen 12