Kush Yard Totem, Octavian Graphic Score 2
Kush Yard Totem, Octavian Graphic Score 2

Kush Yard Totem, Octavian Graphic Score 2 38

The sound accompanying the artwork is available by clicking on the player above.

Satch Hoyt, of British and Afro-Jamaican descent, was born in London and currently lives and works in Berlin. As musician and composer, he has for instance played the flute on Louise Bourgeois’ album “Otte”, and also worked with Grace Jones, co-writing a number of her popular songs. Hoyt often appears as a singer, percussionist and flautist. Sound and music also play a central role in his visual art, which has been exhibited internationally. This includes sculptures and installations accompanied by his own compositions, as well as painting and drawing. Hoyt conceives his three-dimensional works as “Afro Sonic Signifiers”, as carriers of meaning for African sounds. In his “Kush Yard Totem. Octavian Graphic Score” installations created for Blickachsen 12 in Bad Homburg, Eschborn and Frankfurt, there are three sound elements: they were inspired by an old sound recording from Ethiopia, they come to form a graphic score and are accompanied by a sonic text that Hoyt, working from the historical recording, has composed for them. “Through research, narrative, imagination, myth and fantasy”, writes Hoyt, “I persevere to contribute to the ongoing construction of a new all-inclusive Black cultural identity.”


Artist Satch Hoyt
Type112 plastic buckets, steel armature
Dimensions8 elements, 385 x 28.5 x 28.5 cm each, installation with variable dimensions
Shown atBlickachsen 12, Eschborn