1-Dimensional Mirror Mobile

1-Dimensional Mirror Mobile 10

For many years, the experiential objects and installations by Jeppe Hein have invited exhibition visitors around the world to interact with them. The artist, who lives in Berlin, is also internationally represented by his permanent installations in the public space. Already in Blickachsen 11, his three “Modified Social Benches” promised visitors to the Schmuckplatz in Bad Homburg a unique experience: the modified park benches in this series, with their idiosyncratic seating areas, cut through all conventional expectations. This encouraged not only a playful relationship to the object, but also stimulated communication with seated neighbours. Jeppe Hein’s “1-Dimensional Mirror Mobile”, on display in Blickachsen 12, also places the observer’s personal experience in the foreground. Attached at the top and bottom by a steel cable, a circular two-sided mirror rotates endlessly on its own axis under a tree in the Kurpark. The rotating mirror reflects both the surroundings and the observer in ever new perspectives, constantly altering his sense of space. As it rotates more quickly, the images on the two sides of the mirror seem almost to melt together – as in a children’s optical toy turning on its two pieces of string.

Artist Jeppe Hein
Typemirror, steel rope
Dimensionsmirror: ø 75 cm
Shown atBlickachsen 12, Bad Homburg
Bad Homburg