Sirous Namazi

(Sweden) *1970 in Kerman, Iran

Sirous Namazi completed his studies at the Malmö Art Academy in 1998, and already in 2007, together with Jacob Dahlgren, he represented Sweden at the Venice Biennale. In his pursuit of themes such as belonging, consumerism, chaos and order, Namazi frequently makes use of architechtonic elements, furniture and other found objects. In a reconstruction of his destroyed childhood family home in Iran, for example, he explored different forms of memory, creating a transition from personal to universal experience. In Blickachsen 12, visitors to the Bad Homburg Schlosspark will come across a square of neat white fencing, neither too high nor too low, entirely in keeping with a garden fence found in the suburbs. Only on more closely approaching Namazi’s ‘untitled fence’ does it become clear that a further seven fences of decreasing height are placed within it, ultimately confining only a tiny area at the centre. Through this perspective of the progressively shorter height of the fence elements towards the inside, Namazi creates a spatial experience of the interior: the eye focusses on the enclosed piece of ground in the middle, and our sense of proportion is reversed: Suddenly it seems as if the many fences are growing ever higher towards the outside.


Blickachsen 12