My Ekman

(Sweden) *1969 in Stockholm

Since completing her studies at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm in 2000, My Ekman has preferred to work on site-specific installations in the public space and on graphic prints in different editions. In doing so, she seeks to make her works accessible to a wide public: they should relate to the everyday experience of as many people as possible and form part of a social process. Ekman has worked on a large number of public commissions in Sweden, and at the same time has taken part in exhibitions throughout the country. The central element in her artistic work is the use of colour to express and enhance a particular mood. Thus she combines a variety of colourful concentric circles in her abstract graphic series “Life Circles”, in which only the title gives away their meaning. A illustration of these ‘life circles’ is to be found in a work specially created for Blickachsen 12, “Annual Rings” – an installation consisting of a number of loosely piled up logs, onto whose cut ends brightly coloured circles have been painted, clearly suggesting the ‘annual rings’ of a tree and evoking its colourful inner life. Thus the green exhibition location is humorously complemented and commented on by means of a gaily coloured detail.


Blickachsen 12