Vera Röhm

(Germany) *1943 in Landsberg/Lech

Since the early 1980’s Vera Röhm’s wide-ranging artistic work has been concerned with the visual representation of space and time, which she occasionally translates into textual forms. For ”Blickachsen 7” she has designed a poetic installation related not only to the natural park landscape and to the cycle of coming into being, becoming and passing away, but also to the thematic of the ”Blickachsen” exhibition itself. For the ponds of the Kurpark and the castle gardens she has chosen specific text fragments from Ovid’s story of ”Narcissus and Echo” in Metamorphoses, which now float in large yellow letters on the surface of the pond water, encouraging the visitor – like Narcissus – to sink into a contemplation of it. Through the anamorphic distortion of the letters laid out flat on the water, they can only be read as text from a specific perspective. The artist herself comments on the work: ”A walk in the park is connected with passing the time, looking around, moving. Water is not only an element in nature, it also possesses physical phenomena – the sky, the stars, the trees are reflected in the water – as are people.“