Peter Lundberg

(USA) *1961 in Greenbay, Wisconsin

US sculptor Peter Lundberg is known above all for his monumental concrete and steel sculptures. He has played a leading role in the birth of various public sculpture parks in the United States, and is therefore also regarded as the trailblazer for the spread of sculpture into public space. His large pieces, visible from afar, are made with his characteristic process: he pours concrete into pre-moulded hollows in the earth and then clads the resulting inner surfaces with strips of steel. The light’s reflection on the surface of these works gives a sense of lightness out of character with the weight and density of concrete. “Hua” in Bad Homburg’s Kurpark rises up like a giant gateway. It towers up to 6.5 metres, reminiscent of gigantic monuments like Stonehenge. Peter Lundberg himself says his works “touch the unknown”. With the title “Hua” he is also relating his sculpture to the natural world: in China “Hua Shan” is the name of one of the five holy mountains. Nature, the prehistoric past and a sense of the future arise before the viewer’s eyes.


Blickachsen 6