Oliviero Rainaldi

(Italy) *1956 in Caramanico Terme

In his drawings, paintings and sculptures Oliviero Rainaldi concentrates on the human figure, its body language and gestures. His stylized bronze sculptures, as in his work “Conversazioni” on display in “Blickachsen 8”, convey – despite the heaviness of the materials – an impression of lightness: the slender, oversized figure seems to float as if detached from the ground. Rainaldi, whose more recent work has also included sculpture commissioned by the church in Italy, explores fundamental questions of human existence and their connection to religion and philosphy. He also incorporates archaic and mediaeval influences in his work. The theme of his bronze work “Penelope” stems from Greek mythology: while Odysseus is away on his travels his wife Penelope waits faithfully for his return. In antiquity she was presented as waiting with her head resting in the hand of her outstretched arm. In his reworking of this motif Rainaldi reduces it to capturing this gesture of waiting, in which two supporting arms simply appear out of a massive wall. The head apparently resting in the hands is suggested by a recess in the wall.