Nicolas Alquin

(France) *1958 in Brussels

The work of the French artist Nicolas Alquin encompasses sculpture, drawing and book illustration. As a sculptor Alquin works with wood, bronze and iron. His best-known works are his open-air fountains and sculptures, installed in public open spaces in France and the Benelux countries in particular. The human figure is the central motif of his work, expressed in a personal, unconventional formal language. He deals with mythological and religious themes, and integrates elements of African and Australasian art, as well as Japanese influences, into his works – through which he seems to evoke an existential order and the secret of creation. The cast-bronze “Avec la Colline”, on display in “Blickachsen 8” by the Schlosspark pond, shows a contemplative figure stretched out on the ground, whose animated surface structure results from the clear traces left behind by the working of the wood model with a gouge. Against the background of its title, which emphasizes an abstract aspect of the work, the sculpture takes on an astonishing life of its own, which gives it its special fascination.


Blickachsen 8