Miquel Navarro

(Spain) *1945 in Valencia

While Miquel Navarro began his career as a painter, he concentrated his artistic work after 1972 exclusively on sculpture, making installations and constructions of ceramics combined with other materials (wood, glass, porcelain, or iron). Navarro prefers architectural designs with a cubic, spherical, or prismatic, machine-like character. One of his largest works is located in Vitoria, the capital of the Basque Country: La mirada (The View), with a height of 45 metres. Blickachsen 5 shows Navarro’s expansive half-moon sculpture Luna 1 oxidada. The rust-red colour stands out glowing against the green of the Kurpark, giving the impression of a summer moon sinking in the grass. Despite its enormous weight and the monumentality of its appearance, the work retains a poetic quality.


Blickachsen 5