Miguel Berrocal

(Spain) *1933 in Algaidas/Malaga; †2006 in Antequera

Since 1959, Miguel Berrocal has created sculptures that are easy to dismantle and assemble. They consist of a sum of autonomous details that ­possess their own plastic expressiveness, as parts independent of the whole. After studying architecture and sculpture in Madrid, Berrocal moved to Verona, Italy, in 1955. The typical and recurring theme of his multiple, dismantable sculptures is the torso, which he approaches in the manner of a precision engineer. Early on, Berrocal moved away from the abstract shapes of the 1950s in order to develop his own classic-modern language of figures. He calls his sculpture “three dimensional art made to be produced in many original examples with a technique that assures the fidelity to the original”.


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