Michele Oka Doner

(USA) *1945 in Miami Beach, Florida

The celebrated American artist Michele Oka Doner finds her artistic inspiration in the variety of forms of natural organisms: small sticks, lichen and tropical plant seeds, sponges washed up on the beach, corals or lumps of seaweed are her creative starting point. She is fascinated by the beauty of natural tissue forms. In her artistic work Michele Oka Doner makes use of basic organic structures, which, like an alchemist remoulding molten wax, she brilliantly transforms into bronze or silver vases, chairs, jewellery, and into sculpture or large-scale open-space projects. In her delicately structured bronze sculptures she explores the human form. They are embodiments, seemingly organic materializations of mythical Gods and Goddesses, as their titles suggest. The bronze work ”Titan” installed in the Bad Homburg castle gardens combines formal elements of flora and fauna. From a human foot there seems to grow a figure made of plant tissue suggesting a human form, which attains a completeness through its denseness and unique structuration.


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