Leo Fitzmaurice

(U.K.) *1963 in Shropshire

Four plaques with the word “HEAVEN” greet you at different places in the Kurpark. They resemble British road and street signs, but that first impression is false: The “HEAVEN” signs are paintings, carefully created as copies of industrially made signs. In the Kurpark they direct your attention in certain directions and thus selected views within the park become landscape pictures. The different colours of the signs refer to the diversity of the ideas and notions associated with one word. Leo Fitzmaurice also transforms everyday carton packaging into miniature-like architectures and cityscapes: by cutting out all the words and lines of copy, the advertising gets lost, the packaging becomes reduced to a rectangular shape and the coloured design of its surface, and by dint of this reduction reveals architectural structures. For “Blickachsen 6”, Fitzmaurice inverts the process: instead of making packaging resemble architecture, he has the Basler Versicherungen office resemble outsized packaging – with a coloured design for the façade.