Kwanho Yuh

(South Korea) *1962 in Seoul

Kwanho Yuh prefers photography and sculpture as her media. As in “Seed Bank”, she often combines the two in a single project: for the duration of “Blickachsen 6”, you will find a large stone artwork at a spot in Bad Homburg’s Kurpark, where normally a park bench stands. Kwanho Yuh has cut a seat, a bench, with a polished surface, out of a huge block of limestone from Thüst. On two fixed days during the exhibition, the artist will be on site and will accept seeds brought by the visitors as part of the project. Each collector receives in return a one-cent-coin signed by her, and each seed will then be photographed on the hand of its finder. The photographs thus taken will be displayed after the end of “Blickachsen 6” at Deutsche Leasing AG’s offices. Kwanho Yuh’s work will thus only be completed by collecting and gifting the seeds. In this way she highlights the fact that the realization of an idea never happens in a vacuum. People are at all times surrounded by a network of symbioses and mutual interests. With her “Seed Bank”, she focuses not on “issues of human reproduction” but on the “dissolution of self-referentiality”.


Blickachsen 6