Helen Escobedo

(Mexico) *1934 in Mexico City; †2010 in Mexico City

Helen Escobedo, who lives and works in Mexico City and Berlin, is one of the major international artists in the field of art for public spaces. Although she also creates permanent sculptures and installations, she is renowned first and foremost for her temporary works. On the occasion of “Blickachsen 6”, Helen Escobedo chose the two rows of trees on Brunnenallee as the site for her installation “Would you like to come along?”. 50 plain wooden chairs from Ikea, painted blue, form the material of the piece. They hang high above the heads of the visitors in front of the trunks of the chestnut trees and are thus stripped of their everyday function as seats. Escobedo’s strong interest in ecological issues is reflected in her recent works. On Brunnenallee in Bad Homburg, the blue luminescent chairs before the dark tree trunks can be interpreted as a symbol that guides visitors down the avenue and direct our gaze to the threat to this natural space: for some years now, the chestnuts have been infected by a type of moth that threatens to kill off the trees.