Fabrice Hyber

(France) *1961 in Luçon

The work of Fabrice Hyber, who won the Golden Lion at the 1997 Venice Biennale, spans sculpture, installations, painting and performance art. His themes range from objects ironically concerned with their ‘usefulness’ (“POF: prototypes d’objets en fonctionnement”) through to anthropomorphic sculpture. Yet his works are founded on a common thread: they proliferate like rhizoma. Previous works provide inspiration for new ideas, offshoots are created, the network expands, one thing forms the associative groundwork for another. Indeed biological processes such as the division of cells are a model for Hyber’s working method. “Homme de Bessines”, also, was created and has grown in this way. In 1989 Hyber created in the small French commune of Bessines the first of his green sculptures as an ironic comment on traditional fountain figures. This little green man stands there like an extraterrestrial, water streaming from every bodily orifice. At the same time he is the original for a growing population of more little green men that has spread like a virus, with clones around the world from Shanghai to Tokyo and London – and now, Bad Homburg.


Blickachsen 9